Monday, October 11, 2010

UPDATE : AIA Annual Meeting volunteer request

Salve! Mihi nohmen est Spartacurtus! 
I have heard back from Laura Childs (210-977-6100), who is asking for volunteers for the American Institute of Archaeology Annual Meeting. 

I will be unable to attend the lecture, and subsequent meeting on 21 Oct due to a scheduling conflict- I have class :(
I would like to send a delegate in my place to attend the lecture to take notes for this blog, and to represent the Classics Club at the meeting to determine if and how we may be of assistance. 
I am attaching her email at the end of this posting so that you can get a little more info about what this all about. 

For even more additional info, please see the original blog post here
If anyone is interested, please email me, or post a comment in the comments section. 

~Consul Spartacurtus

Be advised that we intend to have the same events at the AIA Annual Meeting during the Kids' Fair on 7-8 Jan. We could really use your help then! I know you are also going to want to attend the great events happening during the main convention, but if you could please sign up for a shift, that would help out so much! 

I will be holding a meeting with volunteers for the Annual Meeting on 21 Oct, right after the lecture that the AIA-Southwest TX Archaeological Society will host. It will be at Trinity U. Chapman Auditorium. The subject is the floods of the Roman River Tiber in ancient times, by Dr. Greg Aldrete. I hope that you can come to hear the lecture and participate in the meeting. In addition to Kids' Fair, we also need volunteers to help with fundraising, manning a booth at the Exhibition Hall, and other events.

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