Sunday, October 10, 2010

Archaeology Day at Mission San Jose

Ave! Spartacurtus ibi est.

This weekend was the culmination of Archaeology Month at Mission San Jose, where they held Archaeology Day. The Classics Club ventured down to the Missions, and saw what there was to see. We watched children construct a Roman Archway. In Ancient times, when building archways, the architect was forced to stand under an archway as the supports were removed, so that if the arch wasn't made right, and collapsed, that there would be one less bad architect in the world. A fine idea, if you ask me.

Archaeology Day didn't revolve around Roman archaeology specifically, just archaeology in general. There were lots of Egyptian exhibits, and of course many exhibits about the missions. I was happy to see that UTSA was representing with a display about an old beer bottle found recently in the San Antonio River.

I've included some of the pictures I took of the Ancient Roman displays at the event.
Thank you to everyone who attended!
Tibi gratias ago!

The beginnings of the supports to the Roman Arch
Building the Arch

The final product, after the supports were removed.

Roman influences on Mission San Jose

More archway pictures

View through a window at Mission San Jose
Found this in the gift shop at Mission San Jose. I have no idea what it's about.

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