Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A note from the AIA re: volunteers


I hope that you will be able to attend the lecture tomorrow (10/21 - Tiber River Flooding 7:30p @ Trinity's Chapman Auditorium), and to join in a meeting for AIA volunteers afterwards. I will have sign-up sheets available for you to volunteer for a particular activity/time. I will also describe activities in detail and answer as many questions as I can. I am currently awaiting a response from AIA on certain issues, such as free/discounted tickets. I promise to discuss all this at length tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Laura Childs
Doctrine Manager
AF ISR Agency/A9YD
DSN 969-6100
Commercial 210-977-6100

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  1. Spartacurtus ibi- I can't go :( I have Statistics class. Thank you to our volunteers for going and getting information to pass along. Expect updates as I receive them. ~Consul Spartacurtus