Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reading Odyssey

Dr. Short has alerted us to a lecture series through a non-profit company, Reading Odyssey, on ancient Greek history and culture, which will be delivered monthly by noted scholars.  Centered on the 2500 year anniversary of the Battle of Marathon, the series has already kicked off with lectures by Paul Cartledge and Peter Krentz.  Over the next ten months other scholars will also speak on other aspects of Greek history.  These lectures are live and will also be recorded digitally to hear at your leisure.  The podcasts are freely available online and the lectures are free to first-time participants.  Details can be found at:

This is a non-profit endeavor to get curious people engaged in reading great works with the help of a supportive discussion group in which readers can ask questions.  They have been leading reading groups that want to discuss the great ancient writers like Homer, Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon etc.  There are many other reading and discussion groups (i.e. Shakespeare) that are in play right now as well.  Please go to our Reading Odyssey website for more details on all the different reading groups that we sponsor free of charge to first-time partcipants:

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  1. I have set it up to post reminders of the upcoming teleconference lectures on this blog. Stay tuned.