Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18

On December 18th was the Festival of Epona, which honored a Gallic horse goddess

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  1. Hi there. Would you please credit me for the use of my original illustration of Epona? I am happy for my work to be shown on personal blogs and educational websites, etc. but would like to be credited so people can look me up if they like my work.

    If you'd like to be especially helpful, you could link to my Etsy shop where I have a print of it available:

    However, a credit of "Joanna Barnum" would be sufficient.

    Here is where the illustration appears on the first edition of my website:

    Meanwhile, as I post newer art online, I am being more diligent about including built in watermarks on my artwork to make it easier for people to share and credit me, since I know it can sometimes be hard to track down the original source of a work once it starts floating around online.

    Thanks so very much for your cooperation and understanding!