Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spartacurtus and the Nymphs of the Island of Lesbos

Consul Spartacurtus sum!  

In our Classics Club meetings, we've discussed performing a play. It just so happens that I wrote a play for my Latin class as part of an extra-credit project, so I'd like to contribute my Latin writing to the cause. I have included the original play about me, Spartacurtus, and how I ended up with the Nymphs of the Island of Lesbos. I understand that this play is terribly self-aggrandizing, but I never really wrote this play with the intention that anyone except me and my Latin teacher, Magistra Lemmon would ever read this, and I certainly never expected it to be performed. I haven't gotten to make the corrections as notated by my former magistra, (alas, even Spartacurtus' Latin isn't quite perfect.) but I have included the original transcript with all its errors and corrections. 
I hope you enjoy. Unfortunately, the English translation has been lost. If any of you Latin scholars wish to translate this, please feel free to do so, and PLEASE post the translation in the comments section! 
~Spartacurtus Rex Ancillarum~ 

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