Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lost And Found of the Day

Lost And Found of the Day

Lost And Found of the Day: A team of researchers led by University of Hartford professor Richard Freund claim to have stumbled upon the Lost City of Atlantis in the Andalusian wetlands of DoƱana, north of Cadiz, Spain. Freund and his team say that what sets their discovery apart from those previous Atlantis hunters is the multi-ringed layout of the site — a feature associated with the fabled naval power.

Freund says that the existence of nearby Atlantis-like “memorial cities” — which were supposedly constructed by Atlantis residents fleeing the tsunami which submerged their city — further cements his belief that Atlantis has finally been unearthed.

The team’s complete findings will be unveiled tonight, on the National Geographic Channel. Sure, Atlantis is just a myth invented by Plato to sell books, but it still makes for some damn fine television.

[reuters / image: ttc.]

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